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Lisa Rokusek is a top-ranked recruiter who has supplied top talent to her clients for almost 30 years and was a successful technical entrepreneur prior to finding her calling as a recruiter.

Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills help create successful sourcing, recruiting and retention strategies, and she likes nothing better than sharing her best practices with peers. She networks incessantly, both online and off, and cares deeply about recruiting as an industry. Lisa often works in a variety of technology related arenas specializing in high impact and leadership positions. 

Commercial Product Development

Software, Hardware, and Everything in Between

Developments in Virtualization, Storage and Infrastructure

Mobile and Wireless Technology

Bioinformatics and Data Analytics

I’m not just a recruiter; I’m a dancer of the tango between technology and humanity. Born and raised in the world of daily digital transformation and emerging tech, an insight smacked me: The heart and soul matter as much as the resume.

Every role has a story. It’s got vibes. Not just the ones you slap on a job listing, but the deeper rhythms pulsing beneath. Syncing the ambitions of a company with the dreams of its people – That’s the real art. You could say I’m tech-savvy, but I’ve always played the song of human connections, and oh boy, has it been music to the ears of me, my clients, and the people I rally behind.

Beyond the buzzing world of tech, this philosophy rings even truer. From the boardrooms of finance to the creative hubs of marketing, I bring folks together. If it was just about skills, they list those on a resume – I bring a clearer connection.

Pigeonhole me as a tech recruiter? I’d prefer you didn’t. Whether it’s the coder in Silicon Valley, the architect in St Louis or the marketing guru in NYC, I spot ’em, I get ’em. It’s not just about the role; it’s about the soul.
My background is deeply rooted in technology, especially commercial product development, emerging tech, and digital transformation. This experience led to a pivotal insight.

Recruiting for technical roles means keeping pace with a rapidly evolving and disruptive knowledge landscape. Every position has a deeper goal or narrative, often unspoken in the job description. Aligning company goals with the human needs of candidates is as crucial, if not more so, than aligning with technology or keywords.

Even in our technical age, the human element remains paramount. Despite my technical background, I’ve always prioritized human connections, benefiting my clients, the people I represent, and even sometimes me.

This belief holds even truer beyond the tech sphere. Leveraging this perspective, I’ve filled roles in operations, finance, marketing, science, compliance, sales, and human resources.

I don’t confine myself to a niche; I excel in identifying and engaging the right talent for any role my clients require.